Thursday, July 26, 2007

because my favorite pasttime is armchair psychology

As I read blogs, I always notice the blogger's name. Sometimes, it is her (or his) real name, but often, an alias was chosen. I usually wonder what motivations were behind the selection.

Some variations I've noticed:
1. an homage to their personality in some fashion
2. a name that relates their infertility experience
3. something that has to do with pregnancy or babies
4. one that relates to literature
5. one that identifies them as a significant other
6. one that identifies them in relation to a location

I find it fascinating - why did you choose/how did you come up with your blogger name?

Thanks for asking about mine.
My name came from my behavior after a few drinkys, back in my 20s. My friends found it amusing, so one decided that this personality needed a name. My name isn't marie, but I was tipsy, so "tipsymarie" was born. Tipsymarie was funny, charming, wacky and totally entertaining. It reminds me of much happier and carefree times. Oh, how I miss you, tipsymarie! Maybe we will meet up again someday.


Sticky Bun said...

Mine's probably pretty obvious, but it came out of conversation hubby and I had after we got the bfp for our last chemical pregnancy. Right after the bfp all hubby could say was "hang on sticky bun!"

and 4 months later my blog was born. :-)

Also, thank you SO much for checking in and for your support and well wishes. It really means the world to me to know that I have a community to cheer me on with good news, and support me during the not-so-good news.

megan said...

i've no fancy answer for you because i just use my real name. i had an alias of sorts for my other (long-neglected) blog. i decided to use my real name on my current blog because i was just tired of people not knowing what was going on with me and in some small way using my real name made me feel like the connections i was making were more real.
i love your name though. where did it come from? or are you just marie who has had some wine? :)

Geohde said...

Just corrupted my own name. Can't be bothered to spell properly anyway ;)

Marie-Baguette said...

a friend gave me this nickname years ago, when I lived in Singapore. My roommate, he called Marie-Croissant, and he was Jean-Pierre Quiche. I like the fact that it is just plain silly and reflect the fact that I am still very French, even after 10 years in the US.

Marie-Baguette said...

PS so why are you typsymarie?

Anonymous said...

I struggled and struggled with a screen name for weeks. I had named my blog in my head before I had started blogging, because at that time, I was really disenchanted. I still am, but not as bitter. . .

I don't really know how I ended up with My Reality. It just kind of happened.

I am with marie-baguette - where did tipsymarie come from?

Sarah said...

um, because i'm lame and not very creative. i really am sarah. oh also i guess because my blog is very public, lots of real life people read it too.

Amy R said...

There's nothing fancy about my blogger name 'Amy', except that it isn't my real name. My real name gets mispronounced all the time. So I use 'Amy', which is what I've always called my 'Starbucks' name. Easy to scribble on a coffee cup, less than 5 letters long, and something a moron can't get wrong...which actually does happen occasionally at my local Starbucks, go figure.

Carrie said...

I wish I'd been a little more creative now. Not even a story to tell. I really like some of the names that are floating aroung the Bloggy world. Some people are soooo clever.

The Oneliner (Christina) said...

i started my blog on a whim, never thinking that i'd stick with it. i love my blog, but honestly, i don't like the name.
i've even thought about changing it. it's really too happy for a infertility blog, KWIM?
although, i guess it fits, b/c if i am anything, i'm a frustrated comedian.
i love yours, quite clever.
tipsymarie is funny too.

Ms. Planner said...

I choose my blogger name to match a personality trait that I am simultaneously proud of and annoyed with. It's ironic, really, that I thought I had this whole motherhood path thing down to a "T," when really life was thinking, "oh, no, you di-in't."

Anns said...

Mine is a shortened version of my already short name "Anya". Also, my nearest and dearest call me "Anns" affectionately so I guess it's just a slightly bastardized version of my regular name.

Anns xo

Kristen said...

Mine is pretty obvious - actually is my real name. I guess I'm not as clever as all you girls to come up with something witty, LOL.

My blog name is also obvious. On our ultrasounds, our babies have always looked like little kidney beans. We just can't seem to get a "sticky bean" to save our lives. After the anniversary of our first loss, I started my blog. I wasn't sure if I'd keep up with mine either but once I realized how many other women had done the same, I couldn't NOT keep it.

XOXO, Kristen

KarenO said...

I have to agree with what Megan said above: using my real name, even though it's not all that creative, makes my blogging much more real to me.

At first I thought I'd use the nickname that my family uses for me, but it's so special, and only the people closest to me use it. Karen from "My Perky Ovaries" is so well known in this community, I had to distinguish myself in some way. So I chose kareno since it's my real name and the first letter of my surname. My colleagues call me Karen O when referring to me since we're 2 Karen's at school, so it's not all that unfamiliar to hear. :)

Your nick is so cute! Sounds perky and like lots of fun!

niobe said...

I have a paragraph about this on my sidebar, because I was worried that the only association people would have with Niobe was The Matrix.

Anyway, in Greek mythology, Niobe was a proud mother, all of whose children (or in some versions all but one)were killed by the gods. Niobe wept, until the gods turned her into a stone. The relevance to my situation is pretty obvious.

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