Saturday, January 17, 2009

oh, apron strings! she spilled the beans.

Yes, he is here. He is healthy and has a very hearty appetite - just like Daddy.
He is fond of:
1. eating
2. crying
3. crying some more
4. the ceiling fan
5. anything outside
6. sleeping on his tummy - I KNOW. Don't tell anyone. He has to, actually. He has an abnormality in his larynx that makes it almost impossible for him to sleep on his back. Which he will eventually outgrow. We have a fancy pants monitor that checks for movement every 15 sec. So I don't have to check to see if he is breathing all the time.
7. the light up butterfly on his play gym
8. smiling and cooing at 3 AM when I want him to pleeeeeasegobacktosleep.
9. grunting
10. riding in the car
11. spitting up
12. hiccuping

This whole baby thing has thrown me for such a loop. I was under the impression they bascially ate and slept and stayed awake a little here and there.
What? did I just hear laughter? Maybe that was my own. Anyway.

Sometimes (well, a lot) he cries and I don't know why although I am thinking it is from being overtired. Turns out he just doesn't fall asleep when he needs to! Revelation.
My anxiety has been ramped up to Level Fifteen. This is out of Ten Levels. I worry about everything. Is he eating enough? Too much? Does he have reflux? Actually, yes! Let's medicate! Oh wait, is it safe to give that to a tiny infant?
And on and on. Gah. I am tired of course, perhaps more from the constant and incessant worrying than the sleep deprivation.


Sarah said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am so SO happy for you!! all the infant stuff seems perfectly normal and it sounds like you're getting the hang of it just fine.

take care, and update more often!

niobe said...

Omigosh! I had no, no idea. And, of course, I'm thrilled beyond belief.