Sunday, May 27, 2007

some things that might be problems if we ever manage to actually have a baby

1. I don't have that baby holding gene that all women except myself (and A.ngelina J0lie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith) have. I get all stiff and freaked out when someone hands me a baby. I have actually said "no" when someone asks "Do you want to hold _______?"

2. I have NO freaking idea how to button a onesie. What is with all those damn snaps?????? I see zippers in my future.

3. I have only changed a diaper ONCE, and it wasn't messy. And it was roughly one month ago.

4. The idea of breastfeeding scares the hell out of me.

Well, I guess four things is not that bad.

In other news, we are not doing another IUI this summer. We decided just to wait and save our money and sanity for the IVF later this year. And, we are getting second and third opinions this summer. For some reason, this was a difficult decision for me to make. Seems like common sense but it was hard to even admit that maybe other ideas might be out there.


Carrie said...

I so don't have the baby holding gene either I'm assuming I'd feel differently about my own! As for breastfeeding, I can't believe that's natural.
I do sometimes worry about my lack of awwing over other peoples babies, is it a sign? Seems I've had too long to think about these things.

I think all these decisions are difficult. I'm not sure how to make peace with the whole process.

My Reality said...

I think you will figure out all of the important stuff when you need to.

Being on hold, no matter if it is for a good reason or not, can be difficult. I hope the summer passes quickly!

Baby Blues said...

I'm scared of breastfeeding too. Ouch!

Sarah said...

four is not bad at all. being afraid of doing it right just means you've thought about it and you care about being a good parent.

Anns said...

I hear this all comes very naturally to you once it's your own baby. Of course, I wouldn't know for sure but until the day one of us do, I'll continue hoping that some weird maternal light will flick on for the both of us.

Anns xo

Sticky Bun said...

I'm just convinced it'll all work out. And, that you're thinking about what kind of a mom you'll be I think illustrates that it will for you. :-)

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ms. c said...

Ok... I'm with you on 3 out of 4. (I do know how to snap a onesie- c'mon it's not THAT hard!)
I keep thinking to myself that when the time comes (and it will come for both of us, yes it will!) we will learn at lightning speed how to conquer these fears.

Thanks for the cycling update. I hope you don't have to use the money that you are stashing away for IVF.

The Oneliner (Christina) said...

It is hard to admit that you'll need IVF to get PG. (Although, clearly you don't!)

IVF is so stressful. We're going to do a few more IUIs and then IVF so you and i may be IVF'ing at the same time. Although, would that be a plus? I mean, are we going to hang out and compare bruises and get hormonal on each other?? Maybe would could get all the angst out by driving around and committing slightly violent acts. Like taking bats to mail boxes?