Tuesday, April 3, 2007

funny . . . . or creepy?

I was reading on a blog, and I think it was Reproductive Jeans, and there were comments about making tshirts for infertility. They were pretty hilarious, so if you haven't already, go check them out. Anyway, Baby Blues posted a link to this website that has ttc shirts:


So, I am just going to say . . . funny or creepy??

There is several towards the back that say something along the lines of "Say no to drugs, mom"
and then below in tiny print "I want a natural childbirth so as not to harm my baby". Is the mom in a coma? Can she not say this herself? And, just asking, WHY would you put this on a shirt?
I am all for the idea of natural childbirth and if I can get to that point one day, maybe I will do it.
I also don't have anything against epidurals.

I don't know. It just seemed a little bizzaro world to me - especially the one that just said IVF in giant blue letters.

The ones people came up with on Reproductive Jeans were, well, much, much better. Hmph! There's a thought . . .infertility tshirts dreamed up by people who are *actually* infertile!



Baby Blues said...

I agree. I love the suggestions and ideas placed in the comment box. That's funny!

The ones you mentioned... definitely creepy. Do they conduct a survey even before printing these shirts?

Nicole said...

I love the ones that are somewhat cryptic in that they can only be understood by a ttc/infertile woman.

theoneliner said...

i think they're creepy. why would you tell strangers something like that? and who cares if you did natural childbirth...weird.

although, i do like FINALLY! although, since we're in GA...i think " 'bout effin time..." is a better slogan. : )

Reproductive Jeans said...

All suggestions are welcome! Even the most simple. I am making the list--and I will have shirts galore. Now I need a business partner=)

Anns said...

creepy... why would you announce IVF or your difficulties to conceive in this manner? It seems like a pretty personal thing so to parade around town with it smeared accross your breasts... just a little odd to me. But then again, I've never been into t-shirts that say things, my t-shirts are all plain colored with no writing. I refuse to be anyone's walking advertisement, not do I want people staring at my chest as i walk by them. Just my 2 cents. Anns xo

Sarah said...

who are these people who would wear babydust shirts??? yick. and as for the no drugs shirts, do you think "gimme all the drugs i'm allowed" is just not PC?

megan said...

creepy creepy creepy.
and the baby dancer one? never mind. i can't even say anything about it.
i have to admit that i giggled at the "will work for baby" one, but am now a little embarrassed that i did. :)

Carrie said...

wow, now they are WEIRD. I'm really quite guarded about our situation in real life so the idea of advertising such problems just blows my mind. What's the point? So strangers ask about your sex life or reproductive plans!! I'm not even sure they let a fellow infertile show some understanding.Hmmm I think I'd run a mile!
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