Sunday, April 29, 2007

wanna talk about it?

How weird is it to have an infertility blog and yet NOT want to write about your own infertility? So, there is much I have not been sharing due to my inability to write about it - I am not sure of why, but I am certain that it probably isn't a good reason.

Dr. E ran a panel of clotting disorders (because I asked, and I asked specifically for a thrombophilia panel) and it all came back normal. I am not sure what exactly I was tested for, but he seemed to think there was no reason to suspect I had a problem here. Which makes me wonder what all was tested, and when they called with the results, I was in the middle of class, so I could not exactly get the specifics. Yet another reason i am getting a second opinion - I've had two mc's, and yes, my eggs totally suck it which is probably the whole issue. Call me high matenance, but I would like some reassurance before jumping into IVF with PGD I don't have yet another problem.

Speaking of the problem of not talking while at work, do any of your nurses/drs email you results? This would be a huge bonus to me. It would save so much hassle. They probably don't, citing HIPPA or something.

We've also decided to give a medicated IUI one more try this summer. We've technically only done two, and I got pregnant one of those two times, so it seems like a good idea to try it ONE MORE TIME. We are going to go ahead with Dr. E since we've been with him for two years now, and get the second opinions on IVF this summer as well. I am pretty sure I want to go elsewhere for that. Especially now after seeing the group does not have any data on the CDC website for the last year. Even when they did, the success rates were not spectacular - I know you aren't supposed to use these as comparisons, but . . . doesn't everyone do that anyway?

It looks like we will be doing the IUI next cycle after this one, which will be the 4th cycle after the mc. Seems like good timing.

Why not, right?


Carrie said...

That sounds like a plan to me, and a plan is always good!

Glad you've no clotting issues, as you say ruling something out is not a bad idea.

Hoping it all goes really well and ends this run for you.

My Reality said...

Sometimes, I don't want to talk about infertility either. It can be so exhausting and draining.

I think your plan sounds good. If IUI has worked before, why not give it one more shot.

Nicole said...

Sounds like a good plan to me too.

You are certainly not alone in not wanting to talk about it. Sometimes, I just get tired of hearing myself think and talk about ttc, that I will talk about anything but.

The Oneliner (Christina) said...

i don't like talking about infertility, thinking about infertility, and well being infertile.

let's get a new gig, who's with me?

i'm exicted that you guys are doing a medicated IUI...i don't really know why. i guess its just so less dramatic and hard on +your+ body than IVF. And it gets people preggy. It does. It could get you preggy.

Sarah said...

my nurse is great about emailing when i have questions, but they always call with results. you're probably right about HIPPA. also, by all means change clinics if you ever feel your needs aren't being met, but i do think it's pretty normal for the data to be a year or so behind. i think there is a big process in collecting it, submitting it, having it verified, and then finally the results are published. the clinics near me seem to have had 2005 data up for about a year now, but i guess the 2006 results should be verified and published soon.

sounds like you have a great plan. and IF the iui doesn't work, it will be comforting to know you have the extra help of PGD in choosing a viable embie. i wished i had done that.

Bumble said...

Definitely a good idea, it worked once so thats very promising!

Oh, and I'm also worried the people who read my *infertility* blog are sick to death of hearing about my infertility. :-)

megan said...

sounds like a good plan, indeed. it also makes good sense to me to take the time and have some testing done/get a second opinion before getting into IVF. i'm glad you're taking the time to do so.