Monday, April 23, 2007

ohmygodijustate3avocados and I've been tagged

Three is a lot, but i should explain they were mashed up with lime juice and salt - i think some people call it "guacamole" - and eaten with roughly half a bag of tortilla chips. They were organic blue corn, so it's ok.

What is good about this:
1. avocados are high in good fat
2. it is totally delicious
3. i am no longer craving avocados, lime juice, salt and chips

What is bad about this:
1. avocados are high in fat
2. i ate all the ones i bought so now i have to go back to the store
3. now i am craving something sweet

In other news, this past weekend I set up a nature area in our yard. I know that sounds really lame, even as i type it, it does not get any cooler. But, I like the birds chirping happily in the morning so in order to attract more i put out two feeders and a bath. So there is currently like 20 pounds of bird feed in the back yard, because squirrel proof feeders come in Sam's Club sizes and i needed two to balance out the thing I got to hang them from. i also have a finch feeder and a bird bath.

Ah, the concrete bird bath . . . yeah. That was fun in the broiling heat yesterday trying to get it out of the home depot. As i was standing in line, roasting in the heat, a metformin attack hit me. It may be because I ate a quarter pounder with cheese a few hours earlier, but no fries! Yea for me on that one, thought I'd outsmarted the whole metformin issue. No luck. If you take metformin, you know the panic this induces. Do I leave the line and try to find the restroom with a ridiculously heavy concrete bird bath on my cart? I look inside to see a wall of people. How can I navigate the masses with the cart I can barely push? Do I hope this is just a false alarm? Do I pray and hope I make it home? My eyes darted, looking for a quick get away, but there isn't one. I wanted to scream "Hurry the fuck UP, people! Really, you will regret it if you don't!" but I didn't. This is a tricky game. As my sweating exponentially increased and my heart raced with dread, I remembered I was only wearing workout shorts because I forgot to run the load of laundry with panties. Now, you know enough to truly embarrass me. Yes, I was about to have what can only be described as a butt explosion in the middle of the home depot garden area and I wasn't even wearing any damned panties.

I decided what will be will be, and I am NOT leaving this line, and I AM getting this freaking bird bath into my car, butt explosion or not. It is really too bad metformin doesn't even work for me, and when I mention it to my RE, he says I should be on it anyway. I would be willing to bet if he had to take it, things might just be a little different. Did I tell you I am getting a second opinion? Mainly for this reason. I do not want to take the met anymore.

Everything worked out fine, in case you are still reading this. If you are, bless you.


Thank you, reality, for the tag. I am pretty sure some of these people have been already, I am doing it again.

Jess at The Problem with Hope (pwp): A couple of years ago, I found her blog doing a search for something IF related. I didn't even know IF blogs existed. I read her whole blog from the beginning. She blows away any stereotypes you have of early 20 somethings, both on the IF front and in other ways as well. Currently, she's expecting from her second IVF (it's v. v. early) AND she and her husband are in the process of adopting a little girl! Oh my. This should make for an interesting blog! For someone who has waited and prayed as long as Jess, it seems as if it's all coming true at once for her.

C at Theoneliner: A shout out to a fellow ATL'er. I love her writing style, and she is so very open about the mental struggles that go along with the IF struggle. She is hilarious, (i guess hence the name theoneliner) and hers was the second or third blog I lurked on regularly before coming out. And, I have her to thank for those of you that read, because she put me out there in support right away. Thanks man!

decemberbaby at "Of Course You'll Get Pregnant!": I identified with her right away because she had just miscarried as well, and she writes about her home improvement projects, which I also love. She seems like someone I would just be friends with anyway irl, and would just happen to have IF in common just because. Isn't it funny how you can tell that about someone just by reading? On second thought, maybe it's not.

Anns at "A Brief History of 'You'": Her determination to get pg after a 10 week miscarriage was what got me reading in the beginning. At the end of each cycle, I kept checking in . . .and then success a few weeks ago. But now, things aren't looking too good. Much the same as my early ultrasound, so I remember that devastation all to well. She needs everyone's support right now.

bumble at "Me the Bumblebee": I just love the way she writes. And, she is young like me, and has a lot of difficulty getting here, and we can all identify with that. She writes about her husband's view on things and how hard that is on her, and it is palpable how much she wants all of this to just be over - her latest post is especially heartbreaking. I always keep going back to her quote "Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know that so it goes on flying anyway."
Doesn't that just say it all?


Christina said...

OMG! poor you. i am soooo thankful that i don't have to take metformin. that stuff seems awful!
i'm glad you're getting a second opinion. your doc's bedside manners...are nothing to write home about.
thanks for the shout out.
we need to hang out!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE guacamole. I could seriously rival your 3 avocados at once title.

I guess I should be thankful that the met is no longer bothering me. I don't know if it ever really did because I started taking it just after I had my gallbladder out and you can have the same 'issues' from that, so I have no idea if it was the met or not.

Glad you managed to make it out with your bird bath!

Bumble said...

Holy crappola girl! You had me peeing myself here!!! Call me disgusting, but I just love toilet humour. It cracks me up and that irritates the hell out of my sister hee hee. I can just imagine how it was as I've been on that poison too and it ain't pretty.

Thanks for the VERY SWEET nomination, you made me laugh and cry in the same post x

Sarah said...

YUM on the guacamole!

YIKES on the birdbath story!

Carrie said...

I love the birds in the garden as well, though not actually enough to chance such a situation!

What a shame about the Met. I felt the same when my doc said Clomid probably wouldn't do any good but I should take it anyway. Hmmmmm now that sort of excitement my life can do without.

Alexa said...

Ah, the many, many joys of metformin. I almost never have problems with it any more (been on it for over a year) but eat the wrong thing and disaster ensues. Glad you made it home unsoiled.

Erin said...

Ok, I totally need chips and guac right now!

I'm not even going to think about the similarities of guac and a butt explosion...Hilarious story, though! Glad it all worked out!

Ms. Planner said...

Hey there. Just read your blog for the first time and enjoyed it. So true about the pressures this frickin' journey (ha, more like a haul) put on your relationship. Thanks for your refreshing honesty - wow, birdbath and all! -- that is keepin' it for real.

Not to delve deeply into the IVF question, but I am intrigued/curious/nervous. My first RE appt is Tues., after m/c #2. Am afraid and hopeful (is that weird?) they may say the same thing to me.