Tuesday, March 27, 2007

code red

I was a complete and total raging freak last week. It was really out of control.
Between yelling, sulking, whining and complaining, I cried at the following:
1. traffic
2. the lack of matching/coordinating plants I wanted to purchase for the yard at Low.e's
3. the empty peanut butter jar
4. wrinkles in my clothes
5. the pet food disaster that's been on the news
6. various commericals
7. nothing at all.

I really thought I was experiencing some kind of post trauma from the miscarriage or something. It was exactly 4 weeks ago last Wednesday, so that made sense. And then, I was like no, everyone else in my life lives to irritate me. And that seemed just a little irrational. So maybe that was wrong too. Basically, I was about ready to go to the doctor and beg for some X.anax.

And then . . .

My period started. It had been so long since I'd had PMS mood issues like that I'd literally *forgotten* how bad and uncontrollable my moods are. It is really, really bad. I spent all day Sunday apologizing to my husband. He was as always kind and took it as in stride as much as someone who has never had PMS can.

I was thinking of all the nicknames we use for our periods. Aunt Flo, the monthly visitor, surfing the crimson tide, you know the others. But I bet you didn't know just how MANY names it has. What's that? You would like a link to the website that has all of them? You have time to spend reading about this? Because well, I did. Yep. Sure did. I will warn you, some of them are quite bizarre.



Bumble said...

Soooo, Communists have invaded the summer house??? Thanks for the list, it was pretty funny! Hope your PMT eases a bit now. x

Sticky Bun said...

I really appreciate the subtlety of "It's that time of the month when I'm not at my best because my vagina is bleeding."

decemberbaby said...

Oh, I loved that list! I'm personally fond of "riding the BUS" (except that I hope not to have to ride the bus for a while, but I'm getting ahead of myself)

It's so weird when PMS/PMT hits you upside the head for the first time in a while... like, "you forgot about me! now I'll make you pay!!!"

Nicole said...

Oh, I am so excited that you got AF! So it took 4 weeks huh? Strangely, now I have something to look forward to.