Saturday, March 3, 2007

a little numbness? why thank you!

This week has been pretty good. Loads of workplace drama to keep me more than occupied. That is addictive, for sure. Oh yeah, and then actually working in between gossipping. And I went out and got drunk last night, I forgot how much fun that can be. And since I haven't had a drink in awhile and take metformin, I was paying for it at 3 this morning. But it was worth it.

Yesterday, I went in for a blood draw to make sure my hcg is dropping adequately. I guess it is? I don't know. Those of you who have experience with this can help me out - it was close to 400 a little over a week since my D&C. When the nurse called she said it was kind of high, and to come back in next Friday. So I guess we will see then. I will probably google myself silly later.

Someone who normally never draws blood did it yesterday. And that is not good. I have very small, thin veins that roll. When someone new does it, they are all "My, your veins are NOT good!" or "In all my years, I've NEVER had such trouble!" Yeah, thanks. I get it. I am a walking dysfunctional bag of DNA who is not bothered at all by your crude, albeit true, remarks.

I digress.

They took it from the vein I have that pops up on the top of my wrist. It happens to sit directly on top of a large bone. And they used a monster needle. It was freaking HUGE. And it hurt like the bejeezus. But at least it was done.

So after I got to work, I was typing and noticed my thumb was numb . . . . ?? And the weirdest part was I did not even care, in fact, I was amused by this. And I thought, hey, I will blog about this tomorrow.

And do you know what else? It was fine a few hours later. No freak out needed.


Anonymous said...

I hate having blood drawn from the wrist. It hurts. I have bad veins, too. I can feel your pain!

Melissa said...

Yeah, nothing like a little work drama to suck you right in like a black hole. Glad you don't have any permanent nerve damage from that needle!

Anns said...

Glad to see you back here with us - was getting worried that you hadn't updated in a few days. Numb digits... kinda cool!

Bumble said...

Ooohhh, needles give me the creeps. Glad you got the feeling back in your thumb!? That was wierd, maybe she pierced the nerve going there (if such a thing exists he he)!

Anonymous said...

Work drama gossip is the best way to pass the time! Glad you had a little fun on Friday and I hope your hcg levels are going down.

Sarah said...

haha, i think all of us in IF blogland can relate to feeling like a walking dysfunctional bag of dna!

CAM said...

I have had similar experiences...2 pregnancies (one thru iui and one ivf) that were low betas that kind of doubled and then were gone. I also have thin, rolling veins. My genetic testing came up MTHFR gene mutation - basically the blood runs too thick to support the embryo. I am curious what your testing will turn up. This journey is a ball, huh? I am on: