Thursday, March 29, 2007

well, what did you do today, tipsymarie?

A whole bunch of of nothing, thanks for asking. Not really nothing, just nothing productive. Which is wholly inexcusable, since I've been up since 6:45 and it is now 8:00. Yep.

I did obsessively google "weird period after D&C", "period stopping and then starting after miscarriage", "first menstruation after D&C", and on and on. My period is playing a fun game of peek-a-boo. It started Saturday night with some super weird dark brown discharge, which has happened before, then turned our girl red and was steady going until Monday when it just stopped inexplicably and from then until today, barely some staining here and there. Then today, Ms. Red reappeared for like, 5 minutes or something. Actually, before Saturday, I'd been spotting off and on for about a week. All normal probably, but I am tired of leaking. Enough already.


Hey, do you think I should ask my Dr. what's going on? Let's take a brief moment to look into that possibility:

Me: Well, I'm not sure if this is normal or not but . . . (insert above paragraph detailing the leakage).
Him: Uh-huh. Yes, that could be normal for someone who's menstrual cycle was irregular before her pregnancy.
Me: Ok. When you say could, as in the "Could be normal", could it also NOT be normal, and in the event that it is, in fact, not normal, what can be done about it? Also, when should I expect this to stop so I can get back to my sexin' ways? Because this is putting a major damper on that.
Him: There is no way to tell when and if it will change.
Me: So, if YOU were leaking blood from your penis, and YOU had to walk around wondering about this all the time, wondering if it was normal, keeping you from feeling like yourself because it was a constant and continual reminder of your dysfunctional reproductive system and the baby you just lost, THAT'S what you would say?
Him: I have to go speak at a conference on the effects of bedside manner and the psychoemotional state of chronically infertile women. Can I use you as a case study?

I think that is why many of us google like little google freak heads. Just saying.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes we need days to do nothing.

Could it be your body just isn't back to normal after the D&C? Hopefully everything will return to normal soon.

megan said...

hopefully everything gets back to normal soon. . .
i love the faux-conversation with your doc. i've wanted to have a similar conversation with about three different doctors now -- all women though, so i suppose the penis part of the dialoge wouldn't actually serve me well! :)

decemberbaby said...

I didn't have a d&c, but after my miscarriage I was spotting brown for a looong time. Then some red, then brown, then red again. I don't know if that was "normal", but it eventually straightened out. After a month and a half.

Nicole said...

Must say that I got a good giggle out of your final response to the doctor. And, your google searches sound a bit like mine.

Sarah said...

hahaha, hope you do ask your doctor that if he ever gives you reason!!

Melissa said...

Hahaha! Hope it all gets back to normal soon!