Thursday, March 15, 2007

urgh, metformin

Well, I am not pregnant, nor about to ovulate. There is still hcg floating around, the number was 25 on Tuesday, 3 weeks after the D&C. Really. Any day now, hcg. Hey. I am talking to you. Get out of my body please, pretty please. I'm kind of over this already.

In other news, I've been on 1000 mg of Metformin for, well, forever. And as I read other blogs I notice most are on 1500 or 1700 a day. So I asked my nurse, and she was shocked I wasn't on the 1700 a day. What? No one, in ALL of my countless trips to the dr, has ANYONE said ANYTHING about this. This might have to be part of next week's What the Friggin' Frick.

So, I started this increase day before yesterday, and OH MY GOD. The gastrointestinal upset has been, erm, totally disguisting and most unwarranted. I don't remember this at all when I first started on the 1000 mg, but my husband said he remembered me going on and on about it. I probably did. I am like 80 years old talking to my husband about my bowel habits, but it is reciprocated. We're cool like that, if you can call that cool.

So I am going to brave this for a little while longer, and if it doesn't improve, then I am not going ot torture myself any further. And, it doesn't seem to matter what I eat, because it's a lot of rice and bread and such right now. I haven't been able to eat quite a few things high in fat since I started on this completely ineffective drugs a couple of years ago. But, maybe the 1700 a day will make a difference - right? Yes, right.


Sarah said...

my husband would be so excited if i would talk bowel business with him! i hope it's one of those things that you adapt to though (the side effect, not the talk) and that you feel better soon.

Sticky Bun said...

Ugh. So sorry you're feeling so miserable! I hope you feel better soon!

ms. c said...

I SO EMPATHIZE with you. Met is one nasty drug. I had a hard time each time I increased (now on 1500, we don't have XR in Canada, so I cant go to 1700). Also, it decides to play fun and games with me at ramdom-just because IT CAN. Worse, if I forget a dose one day, the next day is pretty much hell.
Like I said: empathy all around from me.

Baby Blues said...

I know I should start taking Metformin again for my own good but I just HATE it! Argh. I hope they could come up with a simlar drug with less GI upset.

Nicole said...

My husband and I speak bowel as well. The fun never stops at our house.

decemberbaby said...

Can't empathize on the metformin, but I can tell you that it took just over four weeks after my miscarriage for my hcg to drop below five. I feel your pain. It's so over... why don't our bodies get it?

Okay, I do have two words for you about the met: panty liners. I have it on good authority that they're important. Just place them, um, a little farther back than usual.